Non QM Mortgage

A Non QM loan also referred to as a Non Qualified Mortgage loan is the opposite of a conventional mortgage, FHA, or VA loan which are all considered qualified mortgage loans.

Non QM loans are not necessarily higher-risk loans. It simply means that the loan does not meet the definition or requirements of a qualified mortgage loan. Generally, non-QM loans are designed today to offset some of the risks of the past.

Non-QM Loans are best suited for special situations such as higher debt to income ratio which may not qualify for a qualified mortgage loan.

Some borrowers may not have sufficient income but may qualify based on their assets, investments, and liquid cash to make mortgage payments.

At the request of the borrower, we may recommend a non-QM loan product if the borrower is unable to qualify for a qualifying mortgage loan. These types of loans are ideally suited to those who are business owners or do not otherwise qualify. Keep in mind that a non-QM loan is usually higher-priced and may be subject to higher closing costs.

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Who are Non QM Mortgage Loans For?

More often than not, a non-QM loan is best suited to borrowers who fit one of the following three situations:

  • Self-employed borrowers with a lot of income tax write-offs
  • Borrowers with less than good credit and with a number of credit-related blemishes
  • Investors wishing to purchase rental or vacation home properties
Why Borrowers Choose Non-QM Loans over Qualifying Loans
  • Foreign Nationals O/O
  • Foreign Nationals N/O/O
  • Borrow in Company Name
  • Asset Depletion
  • Qualify Based on Bank Statement
  • Stated Income Loans
  • Verified Asset Loans
  • Low Non-Qualifying Credit Score

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Features of a Non QM Loan

All brokers, loans and lenders are not equal, which is why it’s important to have the right brokerage team on your side.

Fast Loan Closing

Most of our Non-QM loans close within a 3 to 5 week time period provided there are no complications or delays submitting documents to us

Customer Service

Unlike the big box banks and one-man broker shops, we provide highly responsive and timely customer service to address your needs.

Enjoy the Best Mortgage Rates

As a volume-based brokerage, we offer some of the best “Non Qualified Mortgage” rates and terms in the industry. No-haggle – No Bait and Switch.

Decide your Terms

We customize each Non-QM loan with the borrower’s financial goals in mind, you determine which option best fits your needs, and we find you the best lender based on your desired terms

Non QM Loan - Eligibility

Any salaried, self-employed or professional Public and Private companies, Government sector employees including Public Sector is eligible for a home mortgage. We even have programs for Veteran and retired folks.

Down Payment

Down payment starting from 20% based on program selected

Credit Score

The minimum credit score range from 580 > 620 or better


  • Prior foreclosure: can qualify based on program selection
  • Post-short sale: can qualify (LTV restrictions may apply)


Prior bankruptcies can still qualify

Employment & Income Verification

  • No income verification options are available
  • Verified employers letters on letterhead
  • Stated income option available
  • Asset and portfolio based options available
  • Last two years of W2, Tax Returns, and the last 4 months of pay stubs
  • Other options are also available

Other Conditions

Other conditions may apply on a case-by-case basis and are subject to lenders’ qualification criteria and your specific situation